Case Studies

We are proud to have been involved in a number of truly amazing performances over a number of years. One of the great things about what we get to do, is that each performance has its own unique challenges for us to work through to help our clients achieve their ideal outcome. We love the challenges this presents as well as the creative solutions we have to come up with to make it all work. Check out some of our favourites in the following case studies.


413464_319037718153974_2056447062_o (2)St Kilda Festival
St Kilda Precinct – Multiple Years

St Kilda Festival has always been one of the most enjoyable performances on the calendar, and we are honoured to have been invited to perform at the Festival a number of times.

The key to our St Kilda Festival performances is making sure we have a ‘hook’ to get people to stop and watch us. The great thing about this event is that there are so many amazing performances throughout the day, so we have to really work hard to capture our audience.

In order to do this, we work hard to create a show with a great balance between visuals and groove + crowd involvement. Getting the crowd actively involved as part of the show is an incredibly effective way to hook them in and make sure they hang around to see the whole show.

Check out some of the great highlights from one of these shows here:


Melbourne Rebels
AAMI Park/Crown Palladium Room – Multiple Seasons


We developed a great relationship with the team at the Melbourne Rebels and Max Events over a number of years. Our involvement with the club included game day performances for every home game at AAMI Park which featured the drumline outside the stadium before the game as well as on field as party of the pre-game build up.

In 2012 our involvement was extended to include a feature performance at the Melbourne Rebels Weary Dunlop Winter Ball at the Crown Palladium Room. Our brief was to draw the audiences attention to the stage before diverting it again to the corners of the room – hot-spots of action were the order of the day! In order to achieve this, we opened with an enthralling snare solo on stage before the full drumline marched from different corners of room to meet in the middle before joining our soloist on stage for a hard hitting final performance.

Following the Winter Ball, we were invited to be involved in a number of events with the Max Events Team including the FFA Cup Grand Final in 2015. We received a very kind letter of recommendation from the team at Max which you can see here.

The D² Snares on stage at the Palladium Room
The D² Snares on stage at the Palladium Room
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