The D² Board

The D²Drumline Advisory Board is a group of industry professionals who have come together to support and further develop the drumline community in Australia. The board was established in 2022 with the aim of creating a long-term, community-focused strategy that facilitates the growth of D² while concurrently developing strategies to provide educational leadership for drumline in the Asia Pacific region.

All members of the D² Board are volunteers and come from a range of different backgrounds. This range of skillsets  represented by the Board enables the group to provide valuable, active support to D².  

Each individual on the D² has been selected for their role because they have shown a  passion for supporting D² and are committed to helping the drumline community in Australia thrive and achieve its full potential in line with the D² Mission Statement:

“Growing the community of marching percussion through educational leadership and inspiring performance across the Asia Pacific region”

Stephen Liew - Board Chair

Dr Stephen Liew co-founded D²Drumline in 2009 & was an active performer until 2017, as lead snare. After studying marching percussion in the USA from Madison Scouts alumni he went on to perform at the Sydney 2000 Olympics opening ceremony & taught percussion with a focus on drumline for many years.

He then moved into healthcare, graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors with Order of Merit, held positions on government/stakeholder advisory panels, is an equity partner at a multi-location health practice & is currently the Federal Chair of a health board, representing his profession across Australia and internationally. He has experience in startups & seed funding, and has sat on or chaired boards for over a decade whilst founding & growing five businesses.

Campbell Phillips - Executive Director

Campbell Phillips is the co-founder of D²Drumline and one of Australia’s most prominent Marching Percussion educators and performers. 

Since his first international performance as the Lead Snare from Australia with the Beijing Olympic Orchestra in 2008, Campbell has performed all over the world with some of the most well respected drumlines in existence including the Top Secret Drum Corps (Switzerland), the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps.

Campbell has been the consistent driving force behind D² as Director since its inception in 2010. His broad skillset and obsession with all things drumline has been an essential part of the drumline’s success for over a decade. 

Chelsea Levine

Chelsea Levine specialist cymbal educator and advocate who has made a significant impact in the music industry. She has worked with several well-known drum corps and is the founder of Seavine – a company that offers high-quality cymbal and hornline performance products.. Through Seavine, Chelsea has given away over $30,000 to marching cymbalists, fully funded by Seavine profits.

Chelsea’s entrepreneurial skills have also seen her co-found Teeq, an app company that provides video feedback. This diverse skill set and experience make Chelsea an invaluable member of the D² Board, where she can utilize her expertise in music, education, and business to drive the board’s mission forward.

Jude Hallum

Jude Hallum is an accomplished percussionist and educator with a passion for educational leadership in the community. She studied percussion at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and has been educating for 35 years, inspiring and guiding countless students throughout her career.

As Head of Percussion at Scotch College, Jude brings her vast experience and expertise to the music program, nurturing the next generation of talented musicians. She is also a seasoned performer with a diverse repertoire spanning many different musical genres.

Jude’s experience and dedication to music education enables her to provide valuable guidance and support the Drumline’s to education programs in addition to the border Board strategy.

Danny Boldiston

Danny Boldiston has over 25 years of experience in music retail & wholesale, including a number of roles focused on managing some of the world’s biggest drum & percussion brands for the Australian market.

As a result of this extensive industry experience, Danny has direct, strong relationships with the international teams that manufacture these products and brings a diverse understanding of the cymbal, drum shell, drumhead and drumstick manufacturing processes.

Danny has always been a strong supporter of the D²Drumline and was responsible for facilitating the original partnership between D² Drumline & D’Addario Australia. He continues to support D² in his role on the Board. 

Anthony Stanislavski

Anthony Stanislavski joined D²Drumline as a performer in 2022, and soon after took over the group’s social media management. Anthony’s exceptional work in this role has helped grow the Drumline’s presence online through honest, organic and entertaining content, with many posts reaching 100,000 views, and some reaching over 1 million.

Anthony is a highly respected and well renown drummer and educator in his own right. He has built a successful publishing brand and online education platform which has seen his revolutionary brush technique and approach to jazz education reach a worldwide audience 

Anthony provides marketing insight, educational advice, and acts as the conduit between members of the drumline and the board.

“Inspiring the growth of Drumline and marching percussion culture in Australia through educational leadership, high quality performance, and community engagement”

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