D² Schools Programs

D² have built a strong reputation for delivering educational excellence for over a decade and offer half day, full day, and multi-day programs to suit students of all ages and experience levels. 

D²’s Education Team focus on delivering fun, engaging events that helps students learn to focus on listening, attention to detail and developing an excellence-focused mentality. The unique challenges of the drumline style encourage students to build their self-discipline and raise their own expectations of themselves to achieve outstanding results through effective rehearsal technique, self-awareness and a collaborative approach to building their ensemble skills.

Each workshop is tailored to suit the needs of the school – the team from D² will work with the school to deliver the specific outcomes required for their students.The drumline also have a proven track record of providing highly rewarding collaborative performance outcomes with students which can form a particularly rewarding outcome for students and the wider school community. . 

Instruments can be supplied for schools that do not have an existing drumline program.  

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