13.5″ Invader V3 with DarkMatter playing surface


The flagship of the OffWorld Percussion fleet is the Invader™ V3 Series pad.  This pad is the closest thing you can get to playing on a real high tension snare drum and the best way to avoid the dreaded “pad hands”.

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4 in stock


The flagship of the OffWorld Percussion fleet is the Invader™ V3 Series practice pad.  Originally catering to the needs of the marching world, the Invader™ V3 represents the apex of rehearsal tools.

At 13.5″ in diameter – with a 12″ playing surface – the Invader V3 series practice pads sits perfectly in any 14″ snare drum or on top of a 13″ snare.

Among the features that make the Invader™ so desirable is Offworld’s signature DarkMatter™ playing surface.  This advanced polymer is a custom material that comes as close to replicating the feel of playing on a Kevlar style marching head as any that have come before.

When 90% of your playing time is spent on practice pads, having a rehearsal analog that replicates the drum on which you perform is of enormous importance and benefit.  By shrinking the gap between rehearsal and performance, the Invader™ series has redefined the practice pad from accessory to an indispensable tool to improve your craft.

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