2015 Ford Focus Commercial

20151022_163700We were honoured to have D²Drumline’s Founder and Musical Director – Campbell Phillips – commissioned to act as Musical Director for a 2015 Ford Focus Commercial shot at Channel 9 Studios in Docklands.

The commercial is focused around “I Awake” by Sarah Blasko which has a very focus on a heavy, rhythmic drum pattern. Cam’s job for the day was to get a full crew of 38 drummers playing visually in sync across a space of up to 25m. This required some rather create use of the musicians listening skills to get them to ignore what they were hearing and use their eyes to keep in time rather than their ears.

Luckily, Cam’s extensive experience in the marching percussion and marching band world meant he was able to quickly and effectively work around these issues and get the drummers up to scratch. Check out the full clip below to see how it all come together!


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