FFA Cup Final

This Saturday, D² will be providing on field entertainment as part of the pregame ceremony for the FFA Cup Grand Final at AAMI Park.

For this one, we have been asked to put together a crew of 20 drummers, so we grabbed 10 of our Performance Line crew plus 10 friends/alumni or drummers we have gotten to know through our Camps and Training Corps. We love giving people who have been part of our educational activities but have never performed with us in a professional context the opportunity to do so where we can – and we like it even better when we can get them involved in a huge stadium show! – so we are very much looking forward to this one. Guests on the day include:

Toby Bender  Kyle Davis Chloe Dempsey Lana Kagan
Leon Kechayas Teddy Hookey Evan Lineham
Kevin McFerran Harry Potocnik Jularaj Suthibutr

See you there!



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