Artist in Residence 2018: Ralph Nader

After an incredibly successful National Tour and National Drumline Camp in 2014, we are beyond excited to welcome Ralph Nader to Australia’s shores once again in 2018.

Ralph will be joining D² for two months from the 5th January right through until the 8th of March as our very first Artist in Residence. During his time in Australia Ralph will be working closely with D² to help bring a new flair and creative direction to the Drumline and start the year in the best possible way.

In addition to his work with D², Ralph will be touring around Australia and New Zealand present workshops and masterclasses at schools an universities in Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Perth, and Auckland as well as private lessons and performances.

Anyone who is interested in having lessons with Ralph or organising any performance or workshops with him while he is in the country should get in touch and well see what we can make happen!

Otherwise, if you want guaranteed lessons and as much time as possible with Ralph, head on over and checkout out the 2018 Summer Intensive – this is a week long program of private lessons and daily group rehearsals with both Ralph and our Founder and Director, Campbell Phillips.

Want to see Ralph in action? Check out this wizardry alongside Nicole Casino:


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