FREE Finger Technique Masterclass

We’re excited to be working with Pearl and Zildjian to present a free masterclass with out very own Campbell Phillips. This event is aimed at drummers and percussionists of all experience levels and all skill levels, and is a great chance to benefit from Cam’s extensive experience as a performer and educator.

A Practical Approach to Finger Control

“Efficient, relaxed finger control is a key competent of  playing with a natural sound, rudimental dexterity, and musical flow. Despite being an essential element of any drummer or percussionists’ toolbox but is often misunderstood or poorly explained.

In this two part masterclass, Campbell will examine a range of techniques and exercises which will help drummers and percussionists of all skill levels stop making the same old mistakes and take their technical development to the next level. In short, you’ll build greater finger control based on a practical, methodical approach to technical development.

The event will take a hands on approach in which all attendees are encouraged to pick up their sticks and play along with Campbell and is complimented by a comprehensive PDF handout.”


Cost: FREE
Part 1: Thursday October 1st, 8:00pm
Part 2: Tuesday October 6th, 8:00pm

LIVE in your very own home via ZOOM – instructions for how to access the event will be sent out via email 24hrs before the masterclass.
(you must register using the form below to be given access)


Registrations for this event have now closed.


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