A-League Grand Final, 2021

Right to left: Byron Goodwin, Tom Doublier, Anthony Stanislavski, Campbell Phillips, Harry Potocnik, Jordan Kiely, Leon Kechayas, Corey Mills


In May 2021, D² was approached by Yanya Boston to perform at the the A-League Grand Final at AAMI Stadium. The performance was planned to take place in Sydney, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the game was moved to Melbourne. The Drumline had only three days to prepare for the performance, but despite the tight deadline, the team pulled off a fantastic performance that was incredibly well received.

D² had to work under tight constraints due to the last-minute change in location. With only three days to prepare, the team had to execute Yanya’s vision for an exciting performance featuring four drum set players and four percussionists. The ensemble had to work quickly to perfect their performance and ensure a polished and entertaining final product. Despite the limited time, the team managed to nail the performance on the day.

The team performed in the stands, with four drummers and four percussionists situated at either end of the stadium to support each of the teams. The performance was high-energy, and the perfect start to an entertaining final. The D² Drumline’s perfectly synchronized beats and coordinated choreography made for a visually stunning and entertaining show.

The Drumline’s performance at the 2021 A-League Grand Final was a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication. Despite the last-minute change in location and limited preparation time, the ensemble pulled off a polished and exciting show that wowed the crowd. The D² Drumline is grateful to Yanya Boston for trusting them to execute his vision and is proud to have contributed to such a prestigious event.



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