AFL Grand Final 2021

In 2022, D² were approached by Chong Lim AM to collaborate with several famous Australian musicians for the pre-game entertainment at the AFL Grand Final. The performance featured Aussie music royalty including John Butler, Eskimo Joe, Baker Boy, Abbe May, Stella Donnelly, Colin Hay and more.

The event was to be held in Melbourne, but with the possibility of being moved to Perth due to COVID restrictions.

D²’s Musical Director, Campbell Phillips, worked closely with Chong Lim to compose and arrange drumline parts for a reimagining of the classic Aussie song, Thunderstruck by ACDC. The performance would feature an 8-piece drumline and an 8-piece horn section for maximum impact.

The most challenging aspect of the performance was the possibility of the game being moved from Melbourne to Perth at the last minute. D² had to have a team of performers prepared to do the show in either city, which required extensive additional logistics and coordination. Despite this challenge, D²’s experience and national presence meant they were able to handle the situation with ease.

The performance was a resounding success, receiving widespread praise on social media and in reviews of the entertainment with The Age’s Karl Quinn saying “AFL grand final redefines stadium rock”.

The opening performance featuring D² and the famous Australian musicians was a highlight of the event, with Thunderstruck receiving a thunderous reception from the crowd. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, D²’s professionalism and expertise ensured a memorable performance.

It was a true honour for the D² Drumline to collaborate with so many famous Australian musicians at the 2022 AFL Grand Final. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, D²’s performance was a huge success, showcasing their energy, talent, and professionalism. D² is incredibly grateful to Chong Lim for the opportunity to part in an iconic Australian event and the success of this performance certainly demonstrates the power of music to inspire and unite people even in the toughest circumstances.

Special thanks also to James Chong for his work on the ground in Perth.


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