Bass Drum Group Lesson Series

Below is an amazing 12 Part video series by Elliot Duran from the Bass Drum Group. Covering everything from how to read music, to basic hand technique, right through to advanced splitting concepts, this one is solid gold!

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1. How Read Rhythms – the “Bassics” 5. How to Play With Velocity 9. How to Play Laser Beams
2. Music Notation – The “Bassics” 6. An Introduction to Splitting: Preface 10. How to Play 2’s, 3’s and 4’s
3. How to Correctly Hold a Bass Drum Mallet 7. How to Split 8th Notes on a Bass Drum 11. How to Play Split Singles
4. The Difference Between Wrist Rotation and Wrist Break 8. How to Split 16th Note 2’s on a Bass Drum 12. The Definitive Guide to Splitting Hand to Hands

(access all videos using the playlist button in the top right of the video)



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