Lvl 2 – Optimal – C. Phillips

Optimal is a groovy stadium cadence with a slow build lead by the basses that kicks off into a nice strong unison impact and solo section which features all sections of the drumline playing their own 1 bar break.

Originally commission for the 2012 Australian Percussion Eisteddfod in Sydney, Optimal was that first piece to be used as a “test piece” to assist the judges in assessing different groups performing one piece. With this in mind, the chart was aimed at being challenging enough to help differentiate different group but easy enough to still be accessible and fun to play.

This is a great chart for introducing 32nd note phrases (for quads), backsticking and outwards clicks for snares, 16th and triplet splits for basses and a range of different sounds and techniques for cymbals.

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Level 2


Snare Quads (5 Drums) 4 Bass Drums 1 Cymbal


1min 12s