Jetstar/Uniqlo Australia Red Carpet

After a very busy weekend performing at the A-League Grand Final, 6 of the D² crew flew up to the Gold Cost to perform as guests of Uniqlo Australia’s “Biggest Mystery Hop” promotion on Wednesday. The promotion flew a number of lucky competition winners and VIP’s from Melbourne to the Gold Coast for the day to preview the new Uniqlo Pacific Fare store and do a bunch of other cool things for the day.

We played some really fun Taiko inspired charts we wrote specifically for this performance as guests disembarked the plane and walked the red carpet.  One of the most important aspects of this performance was that we were able to setup very quickly as soon as the plane arrived so that all the VIP’s were not kept waiting. Our marching drums were perfect for this as they are super portable and easy to setup – we did of course add some Japanese Shimedaiko (taiko drums) to make sure we had that authentic feel!

Congratulations to Harry Potocnik for his first gig with us a full time performance line member.

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