13.5″ Invader V3 with VML playing surface


The flagship of the OffWorld Percussion fleet is the Invader™ V3 VML™  Series pad.  This pad is the closest thing you can get to playing on a real high tension snare drum and the best way to avoid the dreaded “pad hands”.



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The flagship of the OffWorld Percussion fleet is the Invader™ V3 Series practice pad.  Originally catering to the needs of the marching world, the Invader™ V3 represents the apex of rehearsal tools.

At 13.5″ in diameter – with a 12″ playing surface – the Invader V3 series practice pads sits perfectly in any 14″ snare drum or on top of a 13″ snare.

The INVADER™ V3 VML™ features the Offworld’s incredible Vinyl/Mylar Laminate surface which VML™ covers the full span of a 12″ diameter playing surface, maximising volume and articulation across the entire pad.

The Mylar base is 14mm thick and provides world class performance and functionality.  This material is, for all intents and purposes, nearly indestructible under normal playing conditions. By contrast, the Vinyl top is actually a fairly thin material, originally designed for use as an auto-wrap, and is meant to serve as “paint”, giving the VML™ its visual appeal.

The pad is available with in 3 great colour combos:

  • Black with Black Carbon Laminate;
  • Blue with Blue Chameleon laminate; or
  • Red with Blue Chameleon laminate

The Blue Chameleon laminate is a super cool colour morphing feature where the colours visually shift from purple to blue to green depending on the angle.

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Red w Blue Chameleon VML, Blue w Blue Chameleon VML, Black w Black VML