Symbiosis – Harry Potocnik

We are incredibly proud to premiere Harry Potocnik‘s amazing solo “Symbiosis” written in collaboration with Ralph Nader and Nikki Katiforis.
From its genesis, Symbiosis was a project to combine two worlds of snare drum.
Symbiosis is performed on an orchestral and a marching snare drum to showcase the differences in sound, style, and approach. With the accompaniment of a backing track, the parts interact throughout.
The opening section is sparse and dances with the accompaniment to show phrases through rolls and intricate bursts of notes. Moving to the marching drum, a groove is established which the accompaniment takes over before a complete groove section is laid down for the performer to showcase tricks, style, and precision. A laid-back 12/8 feel completes the marching section of the piece that requires control and fluidity, while showcases tricks and flair. Closing on the orchestral drum, the track and performer interact once again to show phrasing, control, and expression.
The marching section takes inspiration from the ‘show-style’ of drumming with an excerpt written by Ralph Nader. Nader’s impact on this piece is immeasurable, he is an inspiration creatively and it was an honour to work with him.
The backing track was produced by my good friend Nikki Katiforis, a Melbourne producer. Nikki’s creative input was amazing and his knowledge of production but also his musicality and openness made the process extremely enjoyable.
Finally, I would like to thank my teacher Steve Falk for his support and motivation to take on this project. Also, a massive thank you to Campbell Phillips for introducing me to the world of marching percussion. Your knowledge and guidance have made this project possible.
Video Produced and Edited by Campbell Phillips

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